Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Will an MLS Team Win CCL Before it Reaches 24 Teams?

With the LA Galaxy bowing out of CCL last night at the hands of Tijuana, two more MLS teams have a chance to continue on to the next round of Champions League.  Sporting and San Jose both play tonight and are MLS' last chance at this year's continental title.

It all begs the question: When will an MLS team take the title?  This year looks highly unlikely, with SKC having the best chance to move on and a rough road through Tijuana if they do.

No MLS team has made it as far as Real Salt Lake in 2011 when they fell at home in the final.  I believe no MLS team will make it that far again until after the next collective bargaining agreement hopefully gives owners a much higher salary cap and greater freedom to spend on big talent.

The other issue MLS teams face is squad depth.  This, again, has a chance to be fixed during the next CBA.  MLS has certainly grown in quality, especially since the last CBA, but it will have to make even greater changes if it wants to increase MLS teams' chances in CCL and also increase overall talent in the league.  Doing those things will put into effect the great cycle of better ratings, more money, better players, better teams, better ratings, more money, and on and on.

What do you think?  Will an MLS team ever win CCL before it reaches 24 teams (presumably before 2020)?

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