Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thoughts on MLS Preseason

I've been catching some news from the MLS preseason and watching a bit of the games and I wonder if MLS can change things a bit to make it a bit more exciting.

Part of me feels like a baseball-style preseason, with different groups of teams spending a solid amount of time in a warm region of the country competing with the local clubs (not unlike what they are doing in Orlando and Tucson) is the best thing for the whole league.  It creates buzz for the locals, gives the teams a good place to train with good competition, and is stable.

The other option that some teams are taking is training overseas.  I'm not sure how worthwhile this is as the travel takes an unnecessary toll on the preseason bodies.

As a player, I would prefer being in one place for an extended period over travelling all over, especially during an exhibition season where gaining fitness is the priority.

What do you think?  Should MLS teams group up and stay in the country, or train overseas?