Thursday, December 13, 2012

USWNT Demolishes China - Full Highlights

Lesson number one from watching the US Women's National Team over the past few years: Don't let Abby Wambach get her head on the ball.  She probably is the best header in the history of the women's game.  Don't let the first goal from this game be your only example.  Go watch highlights of the epic comeback win against Brazil in the 2011 World Cup.  Here, her header begins a 4-0 rout of China.

Lesson number two: Megan Rapinoe is a sniper.  Watch on the second goal how she places the ball right at the back corner of the six yard box.  Unreal accuracy and a great bullet header by Lloyd.

Lesson three: I think the new women's league will do well in most of the cities that are beginning with teams.  Excitement is high for the Portland Thorns already and Kansas City has quickly become a soccer hotbed.  With the amount of fans that are coming to these USWNT friendlies, my bet is with fewer teams and support from US Soccer and the Canadian and Mexican Soccer Federations, the league will survive.

Lesson four: The US should have won the World Cup.  We dominated the Olympics and have dominated every team since.  While Japan is a great champion, the USWNT will probably always look back on 2011 with regret.