Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leo Messi Scores...again...and again.

Leo Messi has scored more goals this calendar year (88 so far) than:

  • Gerd Muller (previous record holder, socred 85 in one year).
  • The entire Seattle Sounders team combined (85 goals in all competitions). *Courtesy @frankmSounders.
  • Chivas USA has scored in MLS the last two seasons...combined (65).
  • All of MLS' Golden Boot winners from the past four seasons...combined (78).
  • Games Chivas USA has ever won in league play (75).
  • The amount of remaining Twinkies left on Earth (?? can't be many)
  • The number of movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt this year (only 4, but felt like more right?)
Anyway, you get the idea.  Congrats to Leo Messi for conquering the world and having the greatest scoring year in footie history.  Here's a video of every goal up to the record-breaking 86th: